Niacinimide, what we know and how it may be affecting your skin

More famously known as Niacinimide, is a form of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) known for its health benefits. In regards to the skin, Niacinimide is known for managing acne and breakouts, eczema, and locking in moisture by promoting a healthy skin barrier.

Scientists theorize that this vitamin is so effective at treating the skin because it is a precursor to NAD+ and NADP+. These molecules are crucial to skin cell repair and cannot function properly without NAD+. By giving your body Niacinimide, you are essentially fueling your cells to repair damage done by free radicals, and can prevent further damage to the skin.

Bottom line, Niacinimide found in skincare products is used to treat severe, inflammatory acne. Additionally it can be used as protection and treatment of skin damage from environmental factors such as sun damage and toxins from pollutants. Don’t expect results quick when using these products at home, the average timeline for results is going to be about 4-8 weeks.


In the meantime, if you need instant results, book an Anti-Inflammatory facial. This will give you immediate relief of inflammations and irritation for the next several days. Learn more about the Anti-Inflammatory facial here

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