Austin Michael, Miami Esthetician, shares his secret for clear skin

It’s hard to not get lost in the sea of adverts, showing off clear and glowy skin for various cosmetics and skincare products. Local skin care expert, Austin Michael, weighs in on just how achievable that airbrushed look is. 

So, how do you get clear skin? does drinking water clear your skin?  is clear skin genetic? 



If you have oily skin or find yourself acne-prone, make sure that washing your face with a mild cleanser is in your morning and night-time routine. 

When it comes to choosing the “best” cleanser, fancier may not necessarily be better.

A review of 14 studies performed in a clinical setting found that there really isn’t much difference in skin breakouts, no matter what type of cleanser you use.

While this may be disappointing if you’ve spent a lot of money on an expensive cleanser, A mild product without a lot of ingredients and fragrances can work just as well as the expensive options.



Similarly, moisturizers don’t have to be expensive or filled with fancy ingredients. The biggest concern here will be looking for a moisturizer that’s noncomedogenic. This means-it won’t clog your pores.

Moisturizers targeted as “lightweight” will be the best at preventing a greasy feeling, and is always recommended for oily skin. 



Have you ever heard of acne cosmetica? As the name described, makeup can cause its own form of acne. This condition causes small, raised bumps that usually appear on the chin, cheeks, or forehead. This can happen solely, or in combination with breakouts caused by the germs in your makeup bag. To keep your makeup routine skin-friendly, these few steps can make a serious impact:

  • wash your makeup brushes regularly and stick with disposable, one-time use sponges. 
  • always remove makeup before exercising or sleeping. 
  • When purchasing cosmetics, look for products labeled as “non-comedogenic”


What now? 

When it comes to keeping your skin clear, pay attention to what goes on it. Keep your cleansers, moisturizers, and other products simple. Lifestyle factors like sleep, diet, and stress can play a large role in the appearance of your skin. 

If you still feel defeated have tried  everything under the sun, go see a dermatologist! Allow a doctor to show you medicated options, which have been known to treat stubborn, persistent breakouts including hormonal acne. 

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